BJP making world record in telling lies: Akhilesh

Lucknow, June 9 (IANS) Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav on Tuesday took a dig at the BJP, accusing the party of “making world record in telling lies” while conducting its virtual rallies ahead of the Assembly elections in Bihar and West Bengal.

“Heard that after Bihar, crores of rupees are being spent on a virtual rally in Bengal to make a world record. The BJP is claiming these are not poll rallies. So, why are attempts being made to reach to the booth level? In reality, the BJP is making world record in telling lies,” the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister tweeted.

In another tweet, the SP leader demanded tough action by the central government regarding what he called Chinese Army's intrusion into the Indian territory in Ladakh for the last one month.

He said that since the BJP takes all decisions on its own it is feeling weak on the Chinese intrusion issue, though the people and the opposition were supporting it.



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