Bihar To Receive Heavy Rain In The Next 36 Hours

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued a high alert for heavy rain in the entire state of Bihar for the next 36 hours.

According to the report of IMD, has predicted that heavy rainfall will be covered especially places located in north-central and north-east Bihar.

A red alert has been issued in some districts like West-East Champaran, Gopalganj, Siwan, Araria, Kishanganj, and some other districts. Lighting stroked warning is also issued in these places.

As per statistical reports, Bihar has received 92 percent more rainfall this year compared to the other years. On Sunday (June 28, 2020) the state recorded more than 24mm of rainfall.

In June the state has recorded 275 mm of rain to date. Generally, the state used to receive 144 mm of rain during this period of time.

The rainfall along with heavy wind has reduced the local temperature of the state up to four degrees celsius.

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