Bengal orders frontline medical workers to stay at HQ

Kolkata, April 20 (IANS) The West Bengal government has ordered the frontline medical personnel in state-run hospitals to stay in their headquarters and not commute to and from their residences for reducing strain and avoiding exposure to the coronavirus infection.

In a fresh guideline, the state health department said some frontline medical workers, especially from among those posted in government hospitals in the districts in Kolkata's vicinity, were commuting to and from their residences daily.

“This is not desirable as it puts a daily physical and mental strain on the medical personnel, besides putting them at risk of being exposed to the virus,” the guideline said.

The government last week issued an order specifying that frontline medical workers will be given weeklong duties in government hospitals and taken off-duty for seven days for rest and recuperation.

The administration has already made arrangements for providing suitable boarding facilities to frontline medical personnel in the vicinity of their workplaces, to preclude the need for daily commuting, the order said.

“It is hereby ordered that frontline medical personnel in government hospitals shall stay in their headquarters and not commute daily from and to their residences, ” the order said.

The frontline medical personnel have been asked to take prior permission from the Chief medical officer (health) or head of the medical institution concerned for any departure from the principle for any unavoidable reason.



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