Our Authors

Samiul Hoque Khan

Samiul Hoque Khan is the Managing Director of an IT company (SHK Technologies Pvt. Ltd.). From his childhood, when he only had 2G handsets on his hand, he used to surf the internet and found deep interest in virtual technology. He is awarded multiple national and international awards such as “Indian Achievers Award,” “Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award,” and numerous others. He has a deep interest in writing. That’s why managing his company, and he always finds the time to write articles nevertheless.

Jyotirmaya Sarkar

Jyotirmaya Sarkar was working as a web content writer. His writing featured on many web portals. Besides the content writing on sites, he has a deep obsession in tech, and he loves to write about new technology related gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, audio devices, and several things. He loves to read books on the biography of famous people. On his free times, he loves to watch football.

Amit Karjee

Amit Karjee was formerly a freelancer in content writing. He has completed so many projects, but from his heart, he always wanted to write about technology. Currently, he writes in Twist Article and always in seek of new technologies. He believes that one-day AI (Artificial intelligence) will change our way of life like never before. He is graduated in economics and loves to on long drives on vacations.