Artis BT90 Portable Bluetooth Speaker With Crystal Clear Sound

Artis BT90 speaker has a compact design and can be a perfect companion for outdoor music listening and walking partner. The Speaker gives powerful sound.

Artis BT90 design:

The Artis BT90 comes in black color.  Good quality plastic has been used to make this Bluetooth speaker. It seems like metal, but actually, it’s not. It is almost a cylindrical shaped portable speaker. There is a 3-watt speaker implemented one side. Another side there are operating switches integrated. The dimension of the Bluetooth speaker is 9.3 x 86.3 x 201.3 mm and the device is only 500 gm in weight. There are metal grills at the front of the speaker to protect the speaker. At the top of the speaker, there are hooks at both sides to put a strap on it to hang on something.

Artis B T90 Wireless Speaker

Battery capacity of Artis BT90:

This Artis BT90 Speaker has a 1500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery inside and the battery can give 5 hours of music playback time. This chargeable battery of this Bluetooth speaker gets fully charged in 2 hours. That means you don’t need to wait much time for the music.

Artis B T 90 Bluetooth Speaker

Artis BT90 Connectivity:

As it’s a Bluetooth speaker obviously, you can play music via any Bluetooth device. It has 10 meters of operating range, That's why you get a big area to operate the speaker. As connectivity, you get here microSD card slot. There you can directly put a memory card to play music. Also, a TF card slot, and USB slot has given. You can play music directly by inserting pen drive. You can play wired music because AUX cable also comes with the speaker. As an addition, you can connect to the radio too.

Artis B T90 Portalbe Speaker

Pricing of Artis BT90 speaker:

The price of this Artis BT90 speaker is Rs. 989. The device delivers dynamic and loud sound. This portable speaker gives a crystal clear sound experience, and we can say in this price segment that might be a great option to choose. This Artis BT90 speaker is not too heavy; you can easily carry it with you outdoor for camping, picnics or any other purposes. If you like its features and design, you can buy it from the below “BUY NOW” button.


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