Amazon India Offers Deals Discounts And More On Black Friday Sale

Amazon India offers a great deal and discount on international brands for their customer. This offer of Amazon started on Friday 23rd November.

The trend in Black Friday shopping is prevalent in the USA today. Over the last few years, the shopping trend or mania has gone globally over the others Indian shopping site. Now as well as Amazon online shop has announced a Black Friday sale in the country. The Black Friday sales are a perfect time to buy products that aren't available in the country.

The Black Friday Sale Availability and Terms Conditions On Amazon India:

During the sale, the Amazon India will be providing up to 40% discount on international brands and up to 30% discount on electronics and accessories. Customers can choose products from various departments including Earphone, Hard Drive, Activity Tracker, Laptop, Bluetooth Speaker and more.

Along with this, the Amazon online shop will accept all the credit and debit card. And the Amazon Company also offers an easy return policy. The Amazon Company confirms that the delivery products will take be around 10 to 15 days.

The Black Friday Sale Availability and Terms Conditions:

As per Indian Government rules, the users have to need to complete the KYC process when they buy anything from the Global Store during the Black Friday Sale. Amazon Company said that, the Global Store orders are shipped from the United States. The KYC processes need to be submitting within 36 hours of order placement. If someone doesn’t fill up the KYC correctly his/her order will be canceled. The user or customer can use their Aadhaar card, PAN card or passport for complete the KYC process.

Significantly, the Black Friday deals might be available from 1:30 pm IST on November 23 (Friday) to 1:30 pm on November 26 (Monday). In addition to Amazon India, Paytm, Sony and Honor are organizing the Black Friday sale for Indian customers.




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