Akshay Oberoi: Actors with box office numbers often get the challenging parts

Mumbai, Aug 25 (IANS) Actor Akshay Oberoi says people often tell him he has not got his due or that he is not as big a star as he should be. Akshay notes how several great actors made it only after a certain stage in their careers.

“Bollywood is all about the number game. Certain actors who have box office numbers get the opportunity to play roles that they wouldn't otherwise get. People give them all kinds of challenging parts, and then later on when the performances aren't good they also trash those artistes. But you can't blame it, that is the system,” Akshay told IANS.

He says cinema is an art made for commerce. “So, there are certain names that sell more than other names. My career has just not gone that way. I have done really interesting films that I really like — you know ‘Pizza', ‘Gurgaon', ‘Laal Rang', ‘Kaalakandi' — besides the web series I have been a part of. I enjoyed these roles and I think people have, too. So, the number game doesn't bother me much,” he said.

The actor continued: “I feel every dog has its day. You just have to put your head down and work hard and be the best actor you can be. Then, no one can stop you.”

“People often say ‘you haven't gotten your due', or ‘you're not as big a star as you should be'. I feel there is a long way to go, so, why get caught up in this now? So many great actors only made it at a certain stage, and I will be ready for it when it comes, because I would have worked so much and so hard at my craft that no one will be able to take the craft away from me,” he added.

Akshay currently plays a menacing dark character in the web series, “Flesh”. The series tells the story of two completely different girls who survive the ordeal of being victims of the sex and human trafficking industry in India.

He will also be seen in the films “KTina”, the Hindi remake of “Thiruttu Payalaye 2” and a series titled “Magic”.



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