Agra’s railway station to add multi-functional commercial complex

Agra, June 22 (IANS) The Rail Land Development Authority (RLDA) has floated RFPs for development and leasing of multi-functional complexes in Agra and other cities for a lease period of 45 years. The multi-functional complexes (MFCs) will be in the vicinity of station complexes and fall in the circulating area of the railway stations.

The total plot area of the site located at Agra's Raja ki Mandi is around 1017 sq m and the built up area is 1526 sq m. The reserve price for this plot is around Rs 337 lakh.

The MFCs provide multiple facilities like shopping, food stalls/restaurants, book stalls, ATMs, medicine and variety stores, budget hotels, parking spaces and other similar amenities for rail users at railway stations. Clearances are not required from local authorities for development of MFCs since they are declared as operational buildings of the railways.

“These multi-functional complexes will command a high footfall since they will provide enhanced passenger amenities for the public under one roof, within walking distance of railway platforms. The complex may have a budget hotel, lodging and boarding arrangements, restaurants and shops,” shared Ved Parkash Dudeja, Vice Chairman, Rail Land Development Authority.

Apart from this site, 14 plots ranging from 250 sq m to 4850 sq m are spread over the states of Gujarat, Bihar, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The Railways may provide water supply, sewerage & electricity on payment, if available. In addition, the Railways will provide suitable access from the surrounding railway land for bringing these utilities to the MFC site without any charges.

The RLDA has already leased out 52 MFCs for a lease period of 45 years to various developers pan-India, with 13 MFCs having been commissioned while the rest are in various phases of construction.

Currently, the Indian Railways has approximately 43,000 hectares of vacant land across India.



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