Abhay 2 Makers Misusing Freedom Fighters fighter Khudiram Bose as a criminal

The web series ‘Abhay’, released on Zee5 recently, has stoked a massive controversy after it portrayed freedom fighter Khudiram Bose as a ‘criminal’.

The web series ‘Abhay' directed by Ken Ghosh, streaming partner ZEE5. In the second episode of the newly released season on OTT platform Zee5, the social media users alleged that the image of the freedom fighter was placed along with photographs of other criminals in a police station.

Social media users pointed out how disrespectful it was to portray a legendary freedom fighter as a petty criminal.

Few social media users also demanded the removal of portions from the series and asked the creators of the series to immediately apologise for their blatant act of disrespecting country’s icons.

Netizens also schooled the creators for lack of their knowledge and asked them to know about country’s heroes.

Khudiram Bose was the youngest revolutionary freedom fighter, who was executed on August 11, 1908 for his role in the Muzaffarpur conspiracy case. Khudiram Bose, along with another freedom fighter Prafulla Chaki, had attempted to assassinate a British judge, Douglas Kingsford. Unfortunately, the bombs did not hit the judge’s carriage but hit a different one, leading to the death of two others.

Shockingly, the creators of the movie, lacking knowledge about country’s own heroes, attempted to disrespect our icons for its pretty commercial gains.

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