5 Wrist Watches For Regular Travelers

Many of us see traveling the world as that a considerable part of our lives. It makes us see other parts of the world, their attitudes, cultures, and values. An essential item we always take along on our travel is a good watch, and it is suggested that such a watch should not be heavy, but simply to reduce the chances of stressful trip travel.

Most watches are strong, flexible, and made from durable materials obtained from the tanning or chemical treatment of animal skins and hides to prevent decay. People's choice of watches for travel ranges from water resistance, durability, and adaptability to extreme climatic conditions. The variety of colors and styles and ability to adjust & expand over time form the basis for the choice of wristwatches for travel too. There's also the balance of quality, longevity, and affordability,

In this article, we have these and more in detail. Below are five wristwatches for regular travelers.

1. Rolex GMT Master 11:

It is made in such a way that it can show different time zones. Getting a Rolex watch is getting a timepiece that is of good quality and excellence. Rolex is a popular name in the world of wristwatches for so many reasons. The brand has been around for decades and they have produced watches worn by different celebrities and rulers. The brand has timepieces for both divers and pilots. If you intend to travel by sea or by air there would be a Rolex watch suitable for you. Rolex watches pass through rigorous testing before it is released to the market.

They are a versatile brand, unlike other watch brands. Before making watches, they work with different professionals including geologists, their dive watches also undergo rigorous testing. Rolex watches are hand-made and it takes months to produce one piece. These watches are made so that they can withstand or perhaps endure the daily rigors of life even when used in extreme conditions by sportsmen.

The brand makes thousands of wristwatches in a year and has verified resellers in different parts of the world. This is why the world’s celebrities are usually seen with Rolex and its exotic watches.

2. Omega Seamaster:

On top of the list of wristwatch priorities for travelers is the Omega Seamaster wristwatch. It has an O-ring gasket which is waterproof for a traveler who loves swimming. Its gasket design makes it less vulnerable to pressure and temperature changes that might differ from the travelers’ home weather situation and condition.

It is hard as steel and offers the same look, luxury, and value as gold. For omega, materials are an integral part of their watches’ design.

Anyone who gets this omega sea master watch is guaranteed excellence and longevity on the wristwatch that may appreciate as years go by. Their innovation of styles and patterns has added more value to it and made it a consistent brand over the years and durable.

If you love hiking up a mountain or running down to a new location you might not know, you might want to consider having a wristwatch with a compass to help you navigate your way at all times.

3. Casio G- Shock:

Casio G-Shock has an atomic timekeeping feature because it uses solar energy and generates its power from the sun, helping the traveler tell time wherever he goes. It is also resistant to scratch because the watch was made from the same materials used to make submarines. It's your best bet if you're a traveler going for hikes and camps can go for this watch. It is also water-resistant and is apt for swimming and water sports.

4. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive:

The most outstanding feature of this watch is that travelers rest assured that they can power this watch with any light. They use the technology of Eco-Drive to obtain light from the sun.

So, if you're a night traveler or seeking your fun in a dim-lit environment where you'd need some light, you might want to consider this watch. No doubt that the manufacturers intended to make quartz watches, and they did make an eco-friendly one, as the name suggests.

5. Seiko Astron:

This doesn't need a battery change because it takes its energy from the light. It is meant for casual use because of its military design style. It is also very affordable and easy to wear. Its straps are easily removable, allowing the traveler to suit up in style with matching color straps.

Do not worry when you get caught up in the rain during adventure because it has a high water-resistant rating. If you're also a lover of swimming or water sports, you can never go wrong with this watch. If you want a bit of style and class, Seiko Astron is your perfect match. It is affordable, elegant yet simple.


Traveling is fun, but accessories and gears would make your experience even more fun and convenient. These distinct features that have been listed will help inform your decision on which watches to purchase for sports-related matters. During the rainy season, a rubber watch is the best option. The strap of the wristwatch should highly be considered before one buys or purchases a wristwatch. Watches with durable straps are more suitable for travelers as they can withstand rough activities like hiking.

It's better to opt for a sports watch that wouldn't interfere in the almost strenuous activities that athletes participate in. You can get one that fits around your wrist perfectly, especially the ones that come with an adjustable strap. Get a watch that will be travel-friendly and compatible. These watches listed above have proven over time how they can be beneficial to all their users, even travelers.

Give yourself a good traveling treat by putting them to good use. A good watch will serve as an alarm system to help a traveler stay safe and be mindful of their environment. As a traveler, you need these watches to also serve as a compass to navigate your ways through destinations that will seem unfamiliar and unknown.

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