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5 Best Gmail Alternatives For Personal And Business Use

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Gmail is an excellent and widely used email service all over the world, but so many people look for Gmail alternatives because of privacy concerns.

You are currently using Gmail, just like most people in the world. But you might be surprised to hear that Gmail has some vulnerabilities to keep safe user privacy. These privacy concerns have raised the risks of data protection, which is not the only private, but it is also a big question for various government agencies. So, in this case, it has become a significant consideration for which email service you should use.

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There are several alternatives to Gmail on the market, but it is a little tricky to choose the best ones. Now, in this article, we are going to talk about some best Gmail alternative mailing services, which might be better for your business or work. Let's check out some of them.

Zoho Mail the best Gmail alternatives

Zoho is one of the reputed CRM or Customer Relationship Management tools. It also provides mailing services with secure, clean, and ad-free features that are geared for business and professional use. Here you get immediate control and freedom of your inbox you need from tedious software upgrades. Zoho mail provides you with an integrated calendar, contacts, tasks, and bookmarks within your inbox.

Zoho Mail Is The Secure And Reliable Mail Service

As well as, you can share notes, events, and assign tasks. So, you can collaborate with your team to work better. Also, the filter option, email signature, powerful control panel, 24×7 technical support, and hassle-free migration allows you to make better business productivity.

Key features:

  • Ad-free and simple interface.
  • Perfect integration with Zoho CRM.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • User management.
  • Group management.
  • Email signature.
  • Calendar and tasks.
  • Anywhere access.
  • iOs and Android apps.
  • Easy migration option.
  • And many more.


Zoho mail’s offer its free plan supports up to 5 users in an organization. However, when you add a 6th person, you need to purchase their premium licenses.

Click here to see the premium plans of Zoho Mail.

Outlook.com the popular mail service

The Outlook is one of the best alternatives of Gmail, who want virtually unlimited storage, seamless integration with other accounts, and all other productivity tools. It offers an ad-free interface, custom domains, enhanced security options, and 1 TB of cloud storage for their premium users. Its advanced features help you to protect your privacy and keep your inbox free of clutter. The automatic deactivation will help you from unsafe links that contain phishing, scams, viruses, or malware.

Outlook Is One Of The Best Alternatives Of Gmail

Outlook allows users to access Word, PowerPoint, and excel from the web browser. You can also chat in real-time with Skype right from your inbox. Also, Outlook offers an advanced and powerful built-in calendar to keep track of your appointments and schedule meetings with others.

Key features:

  • Simple and easy interface.
  • Calendar appointments.
  • Schedule a meeting.
  • iOS and Android apps.
  • Email signature.
  • OneDrive storage.
  • Advanced security for email.
  • Ad-free interface.
  • Email encryption.
  • And many more.


Outlook.com provides both free and premium packages for their users. At first, when you sign up on this platform, you will get 5 GB of free storage space. If you want to need more storage and advanced features, then you can choose their premium plans.

Click here to see the premium plans of Outlook.com.

AOL Mail the secure mail service

AOL Mail is another great free Gmail alternative on the internet. It provides a safe and delightful email experience for millions of people around the world. This mail service offers unlimited email storage capacity and a maximum file attachment limit of 25 MB. Some of the advanced features of AOL is, aim panel, To-Do panel, events panel, easy filter option, folder categorization, text messaging to mobile, and many more. The To-Do panel allows you to add new tasks and due dates. You can also customize the look of the webmail interface using its available themes. As well as, AOL allows you to create your customized text signatures.

A O L Mail Is A Free Gmail Alternative On The Internet

Key features:

  • Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Instant Messages or text messages to mobile phones.
  • Automated email shorting.
  • Spam and junk email filtering.
  • Events.
  • To-Do panel.
  • And many more.

Click here to see the premium plans of AOL Mail.

Yandex the smart alternative of Gmail

Yandex is the best alternatives to Gmail if you do not belong to the United States. The company founders and most of the team members are located in Russia. This mail service implements multiple security features to keep its users secure, including two-factor authentication, anti-virus protection, and smart email sorting. When you registered, you will get 10 GB of cloud storage. Yandex Mail allows you to organize your emails into different categories and folders very easily. It provides a maximum upload limit of 30 MB per file as attachments on their Email client. Also, it offers enterprise versions features such as; Disk, and Calendar, Wiki, Tracker, Forms, and Chats.

Yandex Is The Popular Mail Service In Russia

Key features:

  • Android and iOS apps.
  • Security and spam filtering.
  • Super admin feature tool.
  • Calendar and scheduling options.
  • Manage tasks and projects with the tracker.
  • Easy share files inside the company with Disk.
  • And many more.

Click here to see the pricing plans of Yandex Mail.

Fastmail secure and reliable email service

Fastmail is a reliable email service provider in the virtual world. It offers paid email services for individuals and organizations. The Fastmail email service provides 36 languages to customers worldwide, and it is located in Melbourne, Australia. If you are looking for a feature-rich and simplistic interface, then FastMail is the best choice for you. Fastmail assures you to keep secure your data with their advanced security system. Here you get an excellent feature such as; quick email, calendars, contacts, ad-free setup, superior spam blocking, and Custom domain address. As well as, you can also easily manage your client's emails and contacts with folders and labels assignments.

Fastmail Is A Great Mail To Gmail Alternative

Key features:

  • Ad-free interface.
  • Android and iOS mobile applications.
  • Custom domain.
  • Excellent support.
  • Signatures.
  • Templates.
  • Anti-spam protection.
  • Advanced data security.
  • And many more.

Fastmail provide affordable and cost-effective pricing plans for its users. Every plan starts with a 30-days free trial.

Click here to see the pricing plans of Fastmail.


Finally, I would like to say, the above-mentioned email platforms that are not just an alternative to Gmail, but it also perfect for all users. You can choose one of them for your personal or business purposes. As well as, I am sure that you would love using them.

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