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8 important things you should follow to increase your AdSense revenue.

If you want to develop a website for generating revenue from Google Adsense then you must know the facts by which you can increase your Google AdSense income.  There are lots of methods and things you should follow. We are going to describe some of the methods there, which can be most useful to increase your AdSense revenue.

Choosing Right Category : If you want to develop a website for earnings through Google AdSense, at first you should choose the right category. You should do study on which ad category has the highest bids on Google Adwords. Because, if you choose the highest ad category things and write about those contents, then those high bided ads will come to your contents.  High bided ad means you will receive more money per click. That will increase your AdSense income.

Choosing right CMS : Every C.M.S has their own specialties and positive things. For different purposes of websites different C.M.Ss are recommended. While choosing for C.M.S we should follow the things that are the C.M.S is popular? By using Popular C.M.Ss you can add lots of features. Most of the time, you can easily get the themes and plugins for the popular C.M.Ss.   As per our requirements we should choose the right C.M.S. to develop our website. When it comes to popularity and increasing AdSense income we will strongly recommend WordPress for that.

SEO : Search Engine Optimization plays a major role to increase your AdSense earnings. It is very important because in every category of websites the competition is getting high day by day. Every reputed website is trying to go on the according to their category. If you want to increase your AdSense income you must have to rise above from your competitors. For that you should follow the every point for SEO. Here we are mentioning some of them.

  • Title & Description: Your website should have a good and correct Title and Description.All the focus key words should be mentioned there in to the Title & Description.
  • Optimize images: All the images of your website should be optimized. If you don’t optimize your images that will not fit to all the devices. It may affect user’s experience and you can loss audiences.Here we are giving some examples for optimized images.
  • Google Analytics: You should link up your website with Google analytics that gives the permission to read your website data. It helps to improve your website by providing traffic related information.
  • Google webmaster: It is also known as Google Search Console. It verifies your domain and checks other important things of your website. For the SEO your website Domain should be verified.
  • Site map: Your Website should have site map because it is very important for good SEO. Search Engines use as a map to crawl your site.
  • Robot.txt file: Generating Robot.txt files are necessary. It gives Search Engines which contents to show your website.scans

CDN : You should integrate CDN to your website. It delivers your website data to the visitors from their nearest data centers. It increases the speed of your website data transfer to the audiences. If your website has good speed then visitors will not get bother. Below we are suggesting some CDNs.

Attractive and Genuine Content : Your Website cont3ents should be attractive and genuine. Because attractive contents are simply catches lots of visitors. You should deeply focus on genuine contents because; people like the genuine contents.

Social Site Sharing :  You should link up your Website with various social media platforms. They have already lots of audiences and you can easily get more visitors from there. By the social sites your website’s back links will be generate.  That will help to your SEO.

Ads layout : User friendly and responsive ads should be implement to your website. If your ads are not responsive it will not fit to all devices. It can increase the bounce rates of your website. That can decrease your Adsense income.

Speed up Your Site : Your website speed should be increased as much as possible. Lots of bounce rates occur for delaying to load pages. People feels disturbed for slow speed page loading. That definitely affects your AdSense income.

Auto Ad : You should implement AdSense auto ads. They automatically finds the free space and set on there. They are responsive and they don’t affect user experience. That increases the AdSense revenue.

We think these methods can earn more money from Google AdSense we hope you have got now a clear idea on how to income more from google adsense. These are the basics you can easily follow. If you find this is help or if you have some suggestions please comment below.


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